A Better Way to Help 
Math Students  Discover & Learn


Let’s teach math facts differently—visually!

Can understanding How Math Works raise your child’s self-esteem? You bet it can!  Cool Tools Math Courses use a whole-picture learning method. This method allows your student to discover visual secrets—or patterns—and see how and why math fits together! 

Cool Tools Math Course Structure

Each Cool Tool Math Course includes a colorful activity book with 16 to 20 write-on-wipe-off pages that can be reused with each lesson or with other students. An Online Video Guide comes with each course, as well! The videos for Counting and Numbers are for adult use, while the othe three Course Video Guides are for student use.

 Colorful, money-saving
dry-erase Activity Book

Online Video Guide

 Easy-to-understand instructions and examples

For complete understanding your student  will:

  • see visually with video explanations, how and why facts fit together
  • learn by doing activities on simple Write-On Wipe-Off Activity Books
  • discover visual patterns, or “secrets” to see why and how math fits together!

You can expect these results:

  • Memorize facts quickly and easily with quick recall
  • Math Fact Skills increase to higher grade levels

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Can you imagine your child without curiosity of how and why
things work? Can you imagine your child repeating things over
and over?

These characteristics are common for many creative children.

Through Cool Tools Math these characteristics have been used enticingly and it
includes discovery and exploring for fun challenges and SUCCESS.

Not all students learn the same way!

A Supplement to your regular math curriculum.

If your child has difficulty with basic math, or if you had trouble learning math when you were in school, consider this:

Math struggles aren’t always due to not being able to memorize isolated facts!

If children learn differently – Let’s teach them differently


Reverse Concepts are Learned Together

Add & Subtract Facts, Multiply & Divide Facts 

There Is More Than One Way To Learn Math!

Statistics show that many creative children have difficulty learning math. Instead of memorizing isolated facts, they want to know the how and why. They want to visualize patterns (which we call “Secrets” because it is more fun to find “Secrets” than patterns.) If you have tried to teach your child math facts using drills and flashcards and they don’t get it, what a chore!

The cause may be that they learn differently.

Instead, why not teach your homeschooler using an approach that captivates the right-brain learning style and makes learning math enjoyable?

Cool Tools Math Courses identify an alternative method for discovering and exploring the consistency and relationships of math facts. Visual patterns show how and why math works which makes learning math exciting and fun.


Not only do Cool Tools Math Courses bring an entirely new perspective to math facts and concepts, this amazing program teaches a right-brained method of learning that also applies to other subjects while building confidence and self-esteem.

Nothing is more frustrating than watching your child struggle to learn something new yet being unable to grasp the idea.

If you believe math can only be taught one way…guess what? There is an alternative supplement just for students who learn differently!

Quickly learning basic math facts and their processes can bring smiles and confidence as your student progresses through the Cool Tools Math Courses.

Creative children will love the charts, games and activities that make learning fun. They will appreciate…

being SHOWN, not told

using VISUAL CUES to understand concepts

finding PATTERNS and RELATIONSHIPS between numbers

learning several DIFFERENT METHODS for reaching the same answer

 receiving related CHUNKS of information instead of small, unrelated bits and facts

CTM uses engaging, friendly videos to present math secrets and patterns to help your student quickly memorize and retain math facts for easy recall and application in all their math work.

CTM uses dry-erase marker Activity Books so your student can use and reuse the pages again and again. Students can’t wait to dive in!

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“My daughter had much more confidence after discovering COOL TOOLS MATH COURSES. She realized she has unusual creative talents that are her assets. What a turn-around in her life. I would recommend these courses for any child who is frustrated with math.”
Jenny’s Mom, Adelle

“I memorized all my Times Tables in 2 weeks! Division in the millions is easy and fun! Now, all division is easy, I know how!
With these video lessons I can discover patterns and that is how I learn.
All learning is fun, now! I like challenges!
I like that feeling SMART! I think I have Math Super Power for Success that helps make all learning FUN!”

From a Teen